Not Without A Fight

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“Let me be very clear with you today,” he whispered into her ear while she felt his warm breath on her neck, which made her shiver with disgust. “I always get what I want. You can either choose the easy way or hard way, but you will be mine in the end.”

“I will never be yours; trust me. Now let go of me.” She angrily tried to get out of his hold, but he only pressed himself closer to her. Now she started to panic. She wasn’t physically strong enough to fight him off. How she hated him. How she hated men who only saw women as a pleasurable toy.

Hazel Buchannon’s whole world collapses when Robert Michell, her fatherly friend, mentor, and reverend, gets transferred, and a younger clergyman takes his place in Willamette Falls.

Things change drastically in their town. Hazel, who always felt safe and protected on her father’s ranch and their town, is now subject to threats, attacks, and several attempts of kidnapping. To the men in her life, one thing is clear; someone is trying hard to get to her mentally and break her happy spirit. The tormenting seems to be working because fear is now her constant companion.

As Hazel takes on the law to fight for women’s rights so she can legally inherit her father’s ranch, a new evil epidemic is spreading across the country. Abusive Husbands and fathers sell their wives and daughters. Women and children as young as fourteen disappear from their towns and homes. Men everywhere do what they can to protect their loved ones, but the evil outbreak continues to spread.

When Hazel finds herself yet again in an attempted kidnapping situation and ends up being choked to nearly unconsciousness, she realizes how serious this threat is and that she is one of the many targets.

Customer Reviews
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Full of excitement on every page! 5 product stars
"Don't let the size of this book scare you! The story was well written, and very exciting. I couldn't put it down!" Karrie Baldenegro - Friday, January 1, 2021
Great book - important topics covered by a wonderful story with great characters 5 product stars
""Being different wasn't a bad thing, but being treated differently because of your race or gender was wrong." Hazel is a strong woman, being in an environment, where as a women you don't have a voice. She is a fighter, having a wonderful family and friends who support her. I liked all of them, Esp her dad and her best friends. Rebecca - even if english is her second language - was able to transport the emotions which was key for me. It was quite unusual to see the thoughts of other characters as well, but you get used to it and it has no impact on the reading flow or the story. I enjoyed reading this book, and wanted to see Hazel winning her fights :-) Chapter after chapter you are with her, and do not want to stop reading. The important topic of human traffic, being treated differently because of race or gender was put in a wonderful story. Therefore 5 stars for a great book!"" Mrs. Angie - Friday, January 1, 2021
great author 5 product stars
""I follow this author on social media. That's how I was introduced to her work. Not without A Fight is her sixth novel, set in the 1800's. It's very hard to find a writer these days that writes interesting stories that are clean and appropriate for younger readers. Rebecca finds that spot and stays there. A historical fiction novel full of interesting facts. Great writer."" Tracy Bayle - Friday, January 1, 2021
Must Read! 5 product stars
"So I have read I think all of Rebecca Langes books. I can honestly say I have never been bored or feeling like naw I ll finish it later and 3 years later it s still there. This book was probably my favorite so far. To tackle such prevalent real world issues women face and some that we ve already overcome with such insight. I really really loved it. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. #GirlPower" Tanya Ramirez - Friday, January 1, 2021
Intense and Powerful 5 product stars
"It took me a bit to find the words to describe this excellent book. Compelling, emotional, relatable! Although all true, do not come close to how this book gut punches you into its powerful message. This author champions the focus of real-world issues. Expressing the importance and awareness of sex trafficking and educating us through this compelling period piece of trial and triumph! The author's intricate and careful placement of characters that share an array of personal conflict between one another had me turning the pages more than anything. I found this book intense and authentic. This author is clearly gifted in her writing style; ability to create an empowering main character through an often-felt powerless set of situations, and her descriptions of such events is what sets this author apart in my opinion. I purchased this book and fear I have ruined my copy as these pages, at times, dawned my tears on them. I would recommend this book, this author and look forward to reading more from her." Novella Bex - Friday, January 1, 2021
4,7 stars 5 product stars
""This was such a good book! It is definitely a new favourite! Hazel Buchannon wants to be the one the inherits her fathers ranch after he passes, but because of the law she can t, because she s a woman. While wanting to change the law about women not being allowed to own ranches, her fatherly friend and reverend is sent away. A new young reverend takes his place in town and everything changes right away. Hazel who has always felt safe in her town and at her fathers ranch, is now subject to many attacks, threats and attempted kidnappings. And fear starts to become a constant companion. But it s not only her that is subject to all these horrible events, women all over the country are sold and threatened by their abusive husbands, fathers and strange men. Hazel is trying to set a stop for this, and with help form her family and friends it might work. I loved almost everything about this! I loved Hazel s sass and her loving and supportive family and friends. I really liked how they always looked out for her and were always making sure she was okay after the traumatic events. The book took up the struggles and injustice for women in Oregon during the mid-1800s, which I thought was very interesting to read about. It was also interesting to see how Hazel fought to make things right for women. I loooved all the playful moments in the book with her friends and family when they always picked her up and threw her in the river! It had me grinning from ear to ear and had me falling in love with most of the characters. And because of that, it was impossible to put down after I started reading it! The only thing that I had a problem with, was that the story could feel a bit rushed at times but that was also kinda nice because you never got bored and there was always something happening. It was also a bit confusing some times because I got unsure if some of the things that happened in the story would actually happen like that during that time, and if people would react that way. But other than that, it was very good! So I would highly recommend this!! It is really good! Tw: Physical and verbal abuse, human trafficking and kidnapping."" Isabelle - Friday, January 1, 2021
i couldn't put it down 5 product stars
""It is scary how the content of "Not without a fight" is still relevant today. The story centres around Hazel, her family and a group of human traffickers. The extent to which the villains are willing to go to achieve their goal is impressive. I'm sure they did the devil proud. I finished it in one night that's how much I loved it. The fight for freedom and equality is still ongoing but so is hope.I loved the unconditional love between the protagonists; just like the villains, Hazel family and friends fought with all their strength. It was a true case of stop the traffickers or die trying. There is no fight for glory in the story, no apocalypse, there was just strong men and women fighting to put an end to one of the most vile crimes in this world;SLAVERY."" JulianE - Friday, January 1, 2021
A fun read 5 product stars
""A fun read with a lot of depth and meaning. The cast of characters work well together, the landscapes are interesting, and the story/mystery gets deeper and more tense the farther you go. I really enjoyed reading this book and loved the message."" Samantha Seidel - Friday, January 1, 2021
Warning: Do not start this book before bedtime. 5 product stars
""I was deep in the middle of it when I heard a shuffling noise and peered up into the bleary eyes of my husband. "It's three o'clock in the morning. You coming to bed?" The story is compelling. I wanted to find out what would happen next and isn t that what makes us reading? This is a new author to me. She employs the omniscient point of view so if you are a fan, this book is for you. I received this book for free. I am not obligated to review this book. This is my own opinion. And I still say don t start before bedtime. Yeah, you've been warned."" Amazon Reader - Friday, January 1, 2021
Not Without a Fight is certainly not without a fight... 5 product stars
""I obtained a pdf ARC, still subject to final editing, in return for an honest review. Not Without a Fight is aptly named. The plot tracks the fortunes of an intelligent and feisty young land owner s daughter, Hazel Buchannon, coming of age in Oregon in the mid-1800s. The story starts by introducing us to her first struggle, to change laws that don t allow her the right to inherit her father s ranch when he dies. We are then made aware of how few legal protections women and children have, and specifically those which would protect against abuse by men. Hazel s struggles really begin when the local clergyman, and family friend, is replaced. We learn of a wave of disappearances of young women. Throughout the story she faces fights against abuse, injury, and kidnap by a series of assailants. She faces internal battles to overcome personal trauma and allow herself to find love. She also frequently has more playful fights with her friends who keep picking her up and throwing her in the river. Not Without a Fight is certainly not without a fight. Eventful plot, good set of characters and overall an engaging read."" Bruce Spydar - Friday, January 1, 2021
Step back into the past to fight for women's rights! 5 product stars
"I was asked to read Without A Fight by Rebecca Lange early. In support and honor of the hard working US Marshals fighting human trafficking, all proceeds of this book for the first month after release will be donated to the U.S. Marshal's Service Association. The book revolves around Hazel Buchannon and her family. Her father wants to leave his ranch to Hazel in his will when he passes, not that it will be soon. However, the law states that land cannot be left to women. Hazel sets out to change that law. At the same time, she loses a dear older friend, a preacher and family friend, not to death, but he moves away. This causes her to change from a happy young lady to a rather sad one. Especially when the new preacher proves to be a threat. She also learns of issues regarding wife beating and enslavement of women along the way. Her best friend is an Indian named Namito. She has a twin sister named Haven. Also, there is a love story or two that develops, but I will keep that a secret. Hazel goes thru many trials that keep you on the edge of your seat. There is also a twist and then another twist, which I personally love in a story. My favorite quote... "You can find evil people in every group, and so yes, there are bloodthirsty Indians out there, but we should never generalize and judge anyone by the evil-doing of a few. We are humans, created by the same God, and differences on the outside or in traditions and beliefs should not make us hate each other." This book is a must read for all ages." Kimmey Fitts - Friday, January 1, 2021
Good clean informative read 5 product stars
""I was given the chance to be an ARC reader for this story. Its a heart filling story set in the 1800s. It touches on the horrible truths of abuse to women and children also known as white slavery. You follow the life of a strong willed rancher,s daughter as she not only witnesses the perverse men that abuse their wives and children but also is set as a target. This story is clean, and well done for all ages. It shows strong Christian beliefs and family values at the same time educating on history. If your looking for a historical fiction with some detailing facts to broaden your knowledge, don t miss out on this exciting read."" Stephanie Whitfield - Friday, January 1, 2021
Great story about a huge tragedy in our world... 5 product stars
""I'm just starting this book but it is amazingly well written..the book is sturdy and the print is large enough I don't have to try too hard to focus.. Great story about a huge tragedy in our world... Ms. Lange is a wonderful author and this book is a great addition to my home library..also fantastic cover art..would be a good conversation piece as well! Love it already! Thanks Rebecca!!!"" Anna - Friday, January 1, 2021
Strong Characters, Positive Messages 4 product stars
"Not Without a Fight is an excellent, powerful story. The protagonists are strong and likeable, loyal and faithful. The antagonists are evil and relentless. The author doesn t skirt around the painful issues addressed, nor does she skimp on positivity and humor. There's a lot of action throughout the book, and lots of surprising twists and turns that keep the reader on the edge of the seat. This is a work of Christian fiction, a genre I don t read very often. I am therefore not overly familiar with its norms. There are several good themes -- women's equality and rights, fighting against the discrimination of minorities, never giving up, holding onto (religious) faith and hope, good coming from a bad situation, and people helping each other. The list goes on. These themes flow generously and smoothly through the story. I would have liked to see a bit more editing. But that could just be me. Not Without a Fight is a compelling story with strong, positive messages. Hats off, Rebecca Lange." A. Abboud - Friday, January 1, 2021
I didn t want to put it down! 4 product stars
"This book was really cool, because it addressed issues still faced today by women, and the more extreme ones we ve managed to overcome. This book was great, and I loved the dynamic history Hazel had. There were some parts that confused me, but that chaos of good versus evil and the hidden romance was all so great. Lange has a unique writing style that really puts you in the story with the characters (most of whom are attractive men)." Lina Merma - Friday, January 1, 2021
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