Plane Crash - A Journey to the Heart

Plane Crash - A Journey to the Heart

Plane Crash - A Journey to the Heart

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Plane Crash - A Journey to the Heart Summary

… Jocelyn stepped carefully inside the mountain. Richard, Averill, Katrina, and Matt followed her. It was pitch-black inside, and so they lit a torch to be able to see where they were going. The terrible smell got stronger as they walked more inside the rock walls. They grabbed a cloth, or whatever they had available, and held it in front of their nose. It was a terrible combination of mold, urine, and human excrement which made it almost impossible to enter without gagging…

Matthew Palmer, a young and successful businessman, is on his flight home to Chicago when his plane crashes. Being the only survivor, he not only finds himself in the middle of nowhere but at a different time. Not knowing how he could return to the future, he joins a group of young people on a quest to free the kingdom of Cantley from a tyrant king. Many difficult and dangerous tasks await them. Will they be able to return the kingdom to its rightful heir? Will Matt find a way back to Chicago and to his actual life?

 Customer Reviews

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A Terrific Time Traveling Book! 5 product stars
"This book was a fascinating read. I gave the book 5 stars for creativity, for formatting, for editing, and for great storytelling! This was truly a wonderful story from beginning to ending. I was sent the story to review as an exchange for reviewing one of my stories. I was thrilled! It was like receiving a gift. I hope I will write as well one day. My favorite quotes were together in a section... "We need to trust that God will keep you safe." "But what if something happens to them?" "Then we know God needs them more than we do." That is something we all need to be reminded of quite often. This book has drama, romance, humor, and a bit of a twist. I say bravo Rebecca Lange!" Kimmey Fitts - Friday, January 1, 2021
Great Read! 5 product stars
"It was fun adventuring through the woods to Cantley, avoiding soldiers and wolves alike as the group made its way to the castle. It s a fun lighthearted read with minor dark parts describing the evil performed by King Jeremiah and his soldiers. Rebecca s writing gets better with every book she writes!" Lina Merma - Friday, January 1, 2021
Keep believing in magic, true love, and that anything is possible. 5 product stars
"What a great story with some great messages. You can definitely feel the deeper meaning and I loved the way everything ended. Hopefully there will be a sequel because I would like to read more of Matt, Jocelyn, Richard and Daniel's adventures. I'll definitely be reading more of the author's works." PKM - Friday, January 1, 2021
Pleasant Surprise 5 product stars
"I enjoyed this book even more than I expected to. The writing was sound and descriptive, and at the time, I felt as though I was there, watching the story play out. A lot is going on in this story. We start with a plane crash that lands Matthew, in what appears to be, another time. We take the journey with him, meeting new people, and learning new lessons that can be applied to everyday life and love. This was a fantastic adventure, and you can't help but root for these characters, the completion of their quest, and their discovery of love along the way. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys fantasy fiction with a dose of realism wound within." Diana Leston - Friday, January 1, 2021
Highly recommended for teens, too! 5 product stars
"I finished this book in 2 days. This story teaches me even when I don t know it. I like that my teens can read it, there isn t anything too bad. I like how the concepts of virtue and relationships are discussed. The book is well written and deeply exciting. There is so much action! I didn t want to go to sleep. It caused me to be up until 5am, when I reluctantly went to bed. The setting is described in just enough detail as to not be boring, or derail the story. The setting is described as though I was there. I literally could see and hear and even smells were described! SPOILER WARNING! Even though it s not a cliffhanger (I hate cliff hangers), I would love to see a sequel. I want to know what else these characters get into. Does she succeed? Is she liked? Do they get married? How about their kids? I bought the digital version on Amazon to read on my Kindle App. I listened to it through my Amazon Alexa app that s connected with my Kindle App. I didn t buy the audiobook, yet it reads my books to me" Rachael - Friday, January 1, 2021
Unexpected Adventure 5 product stars
"Rebecca Lange's Plane Crash--A Journey to the Heart was quite the unexpected adventure. It's an authentic take on the traditional fairytale setting, filled with romance, drama, and excitement. The book just gets better and better as you keep reading." Rachael - Friday, January 1, 2021
An awesome literary journey! 5 product stars
"I love all of Rebecca s books. They always transport you right into the story with her descriptions. This book was no exception. It had adventure, romance, drama and even a few little dark spots that heightened the experience! I look forward to her next book! And you should too! I highly recommend not just this book but all her books." Tanya Ramirez - Friday, January 1, 2021
A Must Read!! 5 product stars
"I love Rebecca's books, and this one was no exception! Rebecca's amazing writing transports you into the story, and makes it so you never want to leave! A must read for anyone that loves adventure, romance, and drama!" Karrie Baldenegro - Friday, January 1, 2021
Chivalry transcends through time! 5 product stars
"Matthew Palmer! When will you accept and respect that I won t let you kiss me? I told you that a kiss should be shared with your true love, with someone you will marry and not someone you see as a friend. Rebecca Lange is an experienced writer and it shows in her novel, Plane Crash-A Journey to the Heart. Lange has strong protagonists. Jocelyn is only 16 and she is well beyond her years. Lange touches on the challenges of lust and love during the medieval times. Both Matt, the other protagonist, and Jocelyn come from vastly different worlds and Lange shows this with keen dialogue. I enjoyed her strength. She endures a hellacious journey, but always remains vigilant." Matthew Meager - Friday, January 1, 2021
Awesome 5 product stars
"Wow what a book, I didn't want to put it down it had me glued to every page, I didn't want it to end, what an amazing awesome writer Rebecca is. I would highly recommend you read this book." Amazon Customer - Friday, January 1, 2021
A whimsical time traveling tale 5 product stars
"What a ride? In this whimsical time traveling tale, a grown man who thought he knew everything about women, learns a lot from a 16-year-old girl and her 3 older brothers. Not only were Jocelyn and her brothers on a quest, but Matt was really on one of his own he just didn t know it. Through battling a grizzly bear to medieval soldiers to wolves, Jocelyn really comes out on top. Jocelyn helps matt see that the love of his life has been around him for years, he just didn t pay attention. Matt s heart grew two sizes. With the ups and downs, this book is really rewarding on multiple levels. It is a fantastic book and would recommend it to those looking for a fun adventure." Jacqueline - Friday, January 1, 2021
friendship, family, courage and the love that holds everything together 4 product stars
"This has been a book for seven years that I read in its original language, i.e. in English. And I had no problems immersing myself in history. It is written in a way that is easy to understand. If you're afraid of flying, you might want to skip the first chapter. At first it was a bit too extreme for my feelings and somehow everything went very quickly. But when the fairy tale, as I perceived the story as such, gets going, it gets better and better and I was so tied up at the end that I continued reading it until 4 a.m. at night. The story is about friendship, family, courage and the love that holds everything together. Even if a lot does not seem to fit together, such as the great age difference between the stray Matt and Princess Jocelyn or the importance of a kiss that ends here with the wedding, it is exactly what makes the fairy tale so special. In any case, I enjoyed the story very much and can recommend it to anyone who wants to escape the dreary everyday life and who likes fairy tales. Many thanks to Rebecca Lange for this beautiful book." Marny Meyer - Friday, January 1, 2021
a sweet and simple fairytale 3 product stars
"Plane Crash - A Journey to the Heart is a sweet and simple fairytale with an unusual twist. Matt is on an airplane from London to Chicago when it crash lands in medieval times. As the only survivor he finds himself in a strange land with a band of travellers on a quest to save their kingdom from an evil king who stole the crown from his brother. I'm unclear if this was written as a children's story or not but I can imagine it being perfect for kids. The language is simple and the story is full of moral issues for Matt to unravel. To be honest, reading it as an adult, I found it lacking in any depth - the writing was a bit too simple - however the story was compelling, I found myself thinking 'just one more chapter' on more than one occasion. I'd definitely recommend it for children aged between 10-12 ish." Rachel Stanley - Friday, January 1, 2021

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